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English Dictionary for South Africa (includes CD-ROM)

Bilingual Dictionaries

This brand-new semi-bilingual dictionary contains approximately 12 000 of the most frequently used words in current Standard English.

One or more Afrikaans translations are provided for each of the senses of these English headwords. The headwords were selected from a number of fields, such as education, technology, culture, communication and travel. The dictionary is completely up-to-date with new vocabulary and current usage of both English and Afrikaans. It also contains a number of uniquely South African English words, such as aikona, bergie, boykie, ubuntu, vuvuzela, Zola Budd and many more.

The pronunciation of each headword is indicated phonetically and the part of speech for each headword and its derivative is provided. Where a headword has more than one meaning, each meaning is defined separately in simple English. Meanings are exemplified by means of one or more sentences or phrases. For each meaning one or more apt Afrikaans translations are provided. Translations are printed in blue to make the use of the dictionary easier and more pleasing.

This dictionary is suitable for learners and users of both English and Afrikaans. It is a perfect companion at home and in the classroom.


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English Dictionary for South Africa (includes CD-ROM) | Bilingual Dictionaries

Author: Pharos
Category: Bilingual Dictionaries
ISBN: 9781868901197
Date Released: 01 December 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 450.00
Format: Hard cover, 1108pp


Pharos Dictionaries is the only South African publisher dedicated to South African dictionaries. Assisted by cutting-edge computer technology and expert...


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