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Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek
FJ Labuschagne , L.C. Eksteen

Dictionaries (single language)

The Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek (of which the first edition appeared 70 years ago) is the most comprehensive Afrikaans descriptive desk dictionary currently available in South Africa. The new edition contains more than a 1000 new entries and more than 3000 common abbreviations. In total, more than 100 000 words are clearly defined. In addition, the revised dictionary reflects the most recent Afrikaans variants and spelling rules, as contained in the newly published Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls. Information regarding parts of speech, plural forms, derivatives, degrees of comparison and the inflected forms of verbs are indicated simply and clearly, adding to the user-friendliness of this edition.

Tens of thousands of synonyms and other semantically-related words are included, as well as idioms and set phrases. If one would like to know the meaning of the Afrikaans words jeera, konjunktuursiklus or mitochondrion; where one would find a silikon-mikroskyfie or a witdwerg; what the synonym for Internetblaaier is, or what lwtk., w.k.w. or BUVTON abbreviate, this new edition of the Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek is a must-have on any bookshelf.

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Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek | Dictionaries (single language)

Author: FJ Labuschagne , L.C. Eksteen
Category: Dictionaries (single language)
ISBN: 9781868901005
Date Released: 27 April 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 475.00
Format: Hard cover, 1300pp

FJ Labuschagne , L.C. Eksteen


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