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Afrikaans-Xhosa Woordeboek

Bilingual Dictionaries

The Afrikaans-Xhosa/Xhosa-Afrikaans Woordeboek is a reissue of an old stalwart. This unique dictionary boasts more than 11 000 entries, each with a concise, spot-on translation. Examples and grammatical explanations are included where necessary. Still the ideal companion to learning either Afrikaans or Xhosa and to smoother communication.

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Afrikaans-Xhosa Woordeboek | Bilingual Dictionaries

Author: Pharos
Category: Bilingual Dictionaries
ISBN: 9781868900572
Date Released: 01 January 2006
Price (incl. VAT): R 145.00
Format: Soft cover, 90pp


Pharos Dictionaries is the only South African publisher dedicated to South African dictionaries. Assisted by cutting-edge computer technology and expert...


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