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The Write Stuff
Dave Dykman , Johan Geldenhuys , Bittie Viljoen-Smook

Usage & Writing Guides

Knowing the importance of words, people want to write correctly. From journalists, corporate writers, industrial editors and copywriters to managers, personal assistants and secretaries to students and learners – all will benefit from this handy style guide.

The Write Stuff places so many of the things you’ve always wanted to know about language – and a great number of things you need to know about writing – at your fingertips. This style guide also provides valuable tips on language issues not normally dealt with in other style guides. It is truly a treasure chest of gems!

The Write Stuff draws on current best practices and latest acceptable trends in language usage and business writing, nationally and internationally, while faithfully conforming to the highest standards of English usage. It is a repository of educational, enlightening and empowering information.

The Write Stuff is also a very useful teaching aid. Activites are included after many of the language issues and the answers appear at the end of the guide, which adds to the whole learning experience.

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The Write Stuff | Usage & Writing Guides

Author: Dave Dykman , Johan Geldenhuys , Bittie Viljoen-Smook
Category: Usage & Writing Guides
ISBN: 9780868900824
Date Released: 07 April 2008
Price (incl. VAT): R 99.95
Format: Softcover, 64 pp

Dave Dykman , Johan Geldenhuys , Bittie Viljoen-Smook

Dave Dykman holds graduate qualifications in English, Afrikaans, Latin and German and postgraduate qualifications in English, Afrikaans and Applied Linguistics...


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