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English-Afrikaans-Xhosa-Zulu Aid, The
Isabel Uys

Multilingual Dictionaries

For persons who wish to learn a new language or want to improve their knowledge of English, Afrikaans, Xhosa or Zulu. This aid offers:

  • Words in alphabetical lists, covering 51 topics
  • Phrases which are often needed, covering 27 topics
  • Useful for pupils, students, teachers and the general public.

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English-Afrikaans-Xhosa-Zulu Aid, The | Multilingual Dictionaries

Author: Isabel Uys
Category: Multilingual Dictionaries
ISBN: 9781868900367
Date Released: 01 January 2002
Price (incl. VAT): R 210.00
Format: Softcover, 195 pp

Isabel Uys

Isabel Uys is a writer of reference books who grew up in Bellville. She spent 14 years of her life as a teacher and 5 years as a book selector at the former...


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