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Tesourus van Afrikaans (plus CD-ROM)
Leon de Stadler


This treasury of words arranges over 150 000 Afrikaans synonyms, antonyms, and related words and phrases into 855 different categories. All levels of the language, formal to slang, are included. This luxurious hard cover edition also includes a CD-ROM.

Within each section, headed by a keyword, are listed the words and phrases from which the user may select the proper synonym or antonym. The index, which makes up over half of the book, is essential to finding a specific word or concept.

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Tesourus van Afrikaans (plus CD-ROM) | Thesaurus

Author: Leon de Stadler
Category: Thesaurus
ISBN: 9781868900671
Date Released: 09 November 2006
Price (incl. VAT): R 465.00
Format: Hard cover, 863pp

Leon de Stadler

Prof. Leon de Stadler is director of the Stellenbosch University Language Centre. Leon's spouse and co-compiler, Amanda de Stadler, is an experienced teacher,...


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