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YOU Crossword Dictionary
Barbara Davey

Trivia & Quiz Books

 Compiler Barbara Davey struggled for years to complete the crosswords in the YOU magazine.  For this reason, she started writing down all the clues she struggled with in an exercise book. After a while she had filled up so many books that she decided to buy herself a computer. This helped her to store the information alphabetically as well as to introduce various other categories, which are handy for crossword enthusiasts. After 20 years she gathered enough information to publish this one-stop crossword reference.

A page at the beginning of the dictionary gives an easy explanation on how to use the book. The clues are ordered alphabetically and followed by one or more solutions. The A to Z list is followed by almost 50 other handy categories with information crossword enthusiasts would need to complete an English crossword with no fuss. These categories include the 7 Wonders of the World, countries and their capitals, military ranks, planets and satellites, and much much more. The vast amount of information from various fields makes this dictionary even suitable for learners. Therefore, it’s an excellent gift for adults, learners, crossword fanatics and crossword beginners.
Barbara says: “Since I gathered all this information I am now able to complete the crosswords in the YOU magazine and many other English crosswords in other printed media. It's the only crossword dictionary you need now, everything in one book.”

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YOU Crossword Dictionary | Trivia & Quiz Books

Author: Barbara Davey
Category: Trivia & Quiz Books
ISBN: 9781868902033
Date Released: 16 November 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 275.00
Format: Soft cover,424pp

Barbara Davey

Barbara Davey was born and bred in Durban. When she and her husband settled in Cape Town 20 years ago, Barbara took an interest in the YOU magazine crossword...


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