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Groot Woordeboek Afrikaans en Nederlands

Bilingual Dictionaries

Although the Groot Woordeboek Afrikaans en Nederlands is a bilingual dictionary, it deviates strongly from the traditional structure of such a dictionary. It consists of only one part in which the two languages are described and translated simultaneously. Therefore, there are not two entries for tafel – one in an Afrikaans-Dutch part and the other in a Dutch-Afrikaans part: the user looks up the word tafel only in one list and finds there the similarities (eg. die tafel dek versus de tafel dekken) and the differences (eg. die tafel afdek versus de tafel afruimen) in both languages. In technical language it is said that the two languages have been amalgamated; the dictionary entries from borth languages are literally synthesised. Two languages have never been displayed as one language in a bilingual dictionary. This is the first amalgamated dictionary ever published. This structure also makes direct comparison between the two languages much easier.


In 1998 Dr. Harry Brinkman, the former chairman of the Stichting ZASM (Zuid-Afrikaanse Spoorwegmaatschappij), approached Prof. Willy Martin at the VU University Amsterdam about the compilation of a Afrikaans-Dutch dictionary. The project started in 1999 and the Dutch-Afrikaans part was treated by a team of freelancers at the University of Stellenbosch.

Then the Afrikaans-Dutch part (done at the VU Amsterdam and the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth) followed. The two parts were then amalgamated. And so the first amalgamated dictionary was created. Financial support for the project came from amongst others, the PUK-Kanselierstrust: Noorwes-University, Potchefstroom, the University of Stellenbosch and the Van den Berch van Heemstede Stichting.

The dictionary contains almost 60 000 Afrikaans and Dutch headwords. Almost half of these words share one or more senses in the two languages. Grammatical information, such as part of speech, the article in Dutch, and plural forms are given, and sometimes contextual information (a short definition) is added to explain the meaning of a word. Example sentences illustrate the use of the words and icons are used to indicate whether translations are equivalent or different in the two languages.

This is the most comprehensive Afrikaans-Dutch dictionary ever published.

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Groot Woordeboek Afrikaans en Nederlands | Bilingual Dictionaries

Author: Pharos
Category: Bilingual Dictionaries
ISBN: 9781868901203
Date Released: 30 May 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 1250.00
Format: Hardcover, 2112 pp


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