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Skryf Afrikaans van A tot Z - Die essensiële gids vir taalgebruikers (5de druk)
Dalene Müller

Usage & Writing Guides

Skryf Afrikaans has been developed for all those who need quick solutions to the numerous questions that arise when writing and editing Afrikaans texts. This two-part manual gives practical advice on word choice, spelling, sentence construction and word order. No aspect of language usage is left untouched.

Part I contains more than 5 000 articles on general language issues, arranged alphabetically for ready reference. Commonly confused words, variants, incorrect prepositions and clumsy usage are all discussed in simple, plain language. Better methods of expression and translation are suggested, using topical examples from reputable publications.

Part II is almost an encyclopaedia of editing know-how, offering a wide selection of information that is unlikely to be found in any other single source of reference. There are 26 sections on punctuation and symbols, numbers, words of unusual origin, transliteration of foreign place names, inhabitants, capitals, currencies, governments, groups and organisations, titles and ranks, personal names, sport, proofreading marks, the Internet, firearms and the like.

With its numbered paragraphs, cross-references, running headers, thumb index and extensive index at the back, the book is very easy to use.

Skryf Afrikaans has been compiled over a period of ten years by Dalene Müller, a highly regarded and experienced language practitioner, currently employed as a sub-editor on Cape Town’s Afrikaans daily newspaper, Die Burger. Originally intended as a house-style booklet, the publication has grown into a full-fledged reference work with contributions from newspapers and magazines in the Media 24 group – Die Burger, Beeld, Volksblad, Rapport, Dit, Finansies & Tegniek, Huisgenoot, Insig, Landbouweekblad and Sarie.

The final product is a user-friendly and authoritative work that promises to become the standard resource for Afrikaans language editing.

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Skryf Afrikaans van A tot Z - Die essensiële gids vir taalgebruikers (5de druk) | Usage & Writing Guides

Author: Dalene Müller
Category: Usage & Writing Guides
ISBN: 9781868900374
Date Released: 15 December 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 450.00
Format: Soft Cover, 718pp

Dalene Müller

Dalene Müller worked in the publishing industry for several years and also as senior sub-editor at Die Burger newspaper in Cape Town. She compiled Skryf...


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