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Nuwe Tweetalige Sakwoordeboek / New Bilingual Pocket Dictionary

Bilingual Dictionaries

This brand-new, pocket-sized dictionary now contains almost 35 000 of the most frequently used words in both Afrikaans and English. Packaged in its new, handy format, this bilingual dictionary is even a more reliable companion in the classroom, office, home or suitcase.

Entry words are printed in blue to help users find a word more easily and different senses of the same word are numbered. The part of speech for each entry word is provided and inflected forms are indicated in cases where they are formed irregularly. Words are labeled and/or context guidance is given to assist users in finding the correct translation.

This is a must-have reference work on every bookshelf.

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Nuwe Tweetalige Sakwoordeboek / New Bilingual Pocket Dictionary | Bilingual Dictionaries

Author: Pharos
Category: Bilingual Dictionaries
ISBN: 9781868901111
Date Released: 01 March 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 160.00
Format: Soft cover, 1044pp


Pharos Dictionaries is the only South African publisher dedicated to South African dictionaries. Assisted by cutting-edge computer technology and expert...


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